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Transmission Rebuilding

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Manual Transmissions

Moss 4-speed with overdrive

We rebuild the 4-speed transmission so that it shifts like it did when it was new. We re-machine the synchros and re-clearance all the parts. We replace all worn-out parts and re-seal the gearbox. The transmission in the picture has an overdrive unit which we also rebuild. The Moss transmission does require an easy-to-learn shifting technique to operate at optimum.

For more information about Moss transmissions and a photo gallery of a rebuild, click here.

Description Rebuilt Price Core Charge
Moss 4-speed Transmission 1,800.00 500.00
Synchro 4-speed Transmission 1,600.00 1,000.00
Overdrive 1,350.00 300-1,000.00

Automatic Transmissions

We no longer send out rebuilt automatic transmissions unless we are confident that it will be installed by someone who will listen to directions and take the time to make sure everything is adjusted properly. There are a lot of details, patience and experiece required to get one installed and operating correctly, particulary the DG250. We will rebuild your automatic transmission and torque converter if your car is in our shop and we can install it for you. We do offer rebuilt bands, oil pumps, valve bodies, governors, solenoids and all other internal parts (some good used) along with repair guides and consulting* for the do-it-yourselfer. Rebuilt transmission prices include a rebuilt torque converter.

Description Rebuilt Price Core Charge
DG 250 Borg Warner 3-band 2,995.00 800.00
Model 8 & 12 Borg Warner 1,580.00 200.00
Model 65 & 66 Borg Warner 1,260.00 400.00
400 Turbo Hydramatic (later V-12) 1,100.00 300.00
ZF 4 HP 22, 1988-89 1,100.00 600.00
ZF 1990-on, Inquire 1,500-2,500.00 1,000.00
Removal and Installation  Charge 96.00/hour  
Repair Parts Inquire  
Repair Guides 25.00 to 75.00  
Consulting Services* 1.50/minute  

*Consulting: Since this is usually time consuming, we charge for all automatic transmission consulting, regardless of parts purchase. The repair guides are highly recommended.

Torque Converters

Torque converters are opened up and all worn parts are replaced. They are then re-welded and balanced. They are included in an automatic transmission rebuild.

Description Rebuilt Price Core Charge
DG 250 600.00 200.00
Borg Warner Model 8, 12, 65, 66 200.00 100.00
T 400, 6-lug 180.00 75.00
ZF 495.00 100.00