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Shipping Information

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Most items for rebuild can be shipped to us by regular UPS, FedEx or mail service. Along with the part, we need to receive your contact information and any special instructions. You can fill out our Rebuild Packing List or put the information on a paper and include it in your package. Make sure to use a sturdy box and enough packing material that your item cannot shift in transit. If you are sending an item on the list below, please click on the link or scroll down to read the special shipping instructions for your item.

Our shipping (and mailing) address is:

Vintage Jag Works
1390 W Highway 26
Blackfoot, ID 83221

Steering Gears and Boxes

When you ship your steering gearbox to us, you also need to include the Pitman arm and the high and low pressure lines and/or fittings so that we can test the box when we are finished. Also if you are using a non-original pump, you need to send the pump to us as well so it can be modified to put out the correct pressure. Please call and talk to us if you have any questions. 208-684-4767.

Torque Converters

To prepare a torque converter for shipping please follow this checklist:

  1. Drain all the oil you possibly can out of the torque converter.
  2. Stuff newspaper down into the neck of the torque converter.
  3. Place torque converter in a heavy garbage bag, twist bag shut and tie or tape the bag closed.
  4. Place bagged torque converter in another heavy garbage bag, twist bag shut and tie or tape the bag closed again.
  5. Pack torque converter in a sturdy cardboard box with plenty of packing material.

Transmissions and OverdrivesMoss Transmission in crate

Transmissions and/or overdrives need to be shipped in a wooden box to protect them during transit. Here are a few pictures of different crates that we have received. If you do not have a way to build a box, we can ship one to you. We charge you a crate fee plus the shipping for this service. When you return the empty box after you receive your rebuilt transmission and/or overdrive, we refund the crate fee to you.

Once your gearbox is boxed up and ready to go itBorg Warner Model 66 Transmission in crate can be shipped by UPS or FedEx if it weighs 150 pounds or less. If it weighs more than 150 pounds it will need to be shipped by motor freight. Please click here for further instructions.





Engines have to be shipped by motor freight. To get started you need a sturdy, standard-size pallet. After that there are a couple of different methods.

Method 1: Old tire and strapsEngine wrapped in blanket in a crate

Lay your standard size pallet on the floor and place an old tire on it (the tire will NOT be returned). Next lay an inexpensive moving blanket on the tire with half of the blanket hanging over the side. Next lower your engine onto the blanket-covered tire so that it is laying on it's side. Now fold the rest of the blanket up over the engine. Use ratcheting straps to fasten the engine down to the pallet. Tighten them securely so that the engine cannot shift.

Note: When we return your engine we will build a crate on your pallet to protect the engine. There will be a crating charge for this, generally in the $---- range depending on the cost of lumber.

Method 2: CrateEngine and transmission sitting in a crate

Lay your standard size pallet (40x48) on the floor and attach a piece of 3/4 plywood (not MDF or particle board) to it with screws. Now fasten some 2x4 footing pieces just inside the perimeter of the base so the sides will have a place to attach. Next stand your engine in place on the pallet and attach pieces of 2x4 on the base to keep it from sliding. Next cut walls out of 1/2 plywood (or you can use MDF or particle board) and attach them with 2x4s in the corners. Also attach 2x4s around the inside of the top of the wall pieces so that the top will have something to fasten to. Now cut 2x4s to box in the engine and anchor them to the sides to keep the engine from shifting during transport. When everything is secure, screw the top down on the crate. We will use the same crate to return the engine to you so make sure it is sturdy enough for a round trip.V-12 Engine in crate ready for lid

Motor Freight Shipping for Items Weighing over 150 Pounds

We currently use YRC Freight. They give us a  substantial discount on shipping which we pass on to you. To receive the discount, we have to arrange the shipping so you will need to call us when your item is ready to ship. We will need the following information: