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Engine Rebuilding

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Rebuilt engine

We restore your engine inside and out. We replace all bearings, timing chains, pistons, rings, valves, valve springs, cam bearings, chain guides and tesioners. We replace other parts such as valve guides and tappets as needed. We adjust the valves and balance all rotating parts. Everything is cleaned, detailed, plated, polished or painted as appropriate. If it needs to be done, we do it. We use the best quality parts available and our machine work is exacting. We offer performance enhancements and updates. Some are included in the base price and some cost extra. We also recommend that the water pump be overhauled or replaced.

Please check out our Shipping page for more information about crating and sending your engine or cylinder head to us.

Long Engine

Engine Base Rebuild Price* Core Charge
2.5 & 3.5 Litre Pushrod Inquire Customer's core only
2.4 XK & 2.8 XK 10,360.00 2,000.00
3.4 XK 11,390.00 2,000.00
3.8 XK & 3.8 XKE 12,140.00 2,000.00
4.2 XKE 11,390.00 2,000.00
3.4 & 4.2 Sedan 10,720.00 1,600.00
3.8 Sedan 11,470.00 1,600.00
5.3 & 6.0 Litre V-12 14,200.00 1,600.00
6.8 & 7.0 V-12 (Bored and Stroked) 19,500.00 1,600.00

*The base rebuild price covers engines that don't need excessive cleaning or have excessive damage. If your engine is excessively corroded or rusty or has a stuck piston or other problem, we will call you to discuss the extra charges.

3.8 Blocks require sleeve replacement during the rebuild process so that the cooling slots can be cleaned out which is why their base price is higher.

Additional Cost Items
Description Cost
Rear main lip seal, XK-type engines 1949-87 680.00
4.2 BBC main bearings, 4.2 engines 1,350.00
Cam bearing align bore 450.00
Weld water ports, 3.4 & 3.8 engines 650.00
Oversize valves (Big valve conversion) 1,350.00
Valve seat replacement, each 180.00
Tappet guide hold down, per side 170.00
Tappet guide replacement, each 240.00
Test run engine, we put your engine on a test stand and run it in our shop before we ship the engine back to you. Call for pricing

Full Dress Engine

This is a fully reconditioned engine and cylinder head with all the accessories attached like porcelain manifolds and intake with carburetors, distributor, oil filter, waer pump and other parts necessary to make it run. All parts are reconditioned or new. Inquire for prices (usually about double the engine prices above.)

Crankshaft Kit

This is a crankshaft that has been reground, sludge traps cleaned and new thrust bearings and washers provided of the appropriate size. An optional modification to the rear seal can be added to accept a modern lip seal. Ultra polish also available.

Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
All XK 1949-87 850.00 400.00
Rear Lip Seal Modification, optional 680.00 N/A
Ultra polish, optional 480.00 N/A
C-Type Crank Prep (remove stress risers) 1,120.00 N/A 

Cylinder Head

Cylinder heads are milled on the cumbustion surface and the cam bearing bores are align bored* as necessary to bring the head back to true. Intake and exhaust valves are replaced with updated valves and the valve springs and cam bearings are also replaced. We recondition the tappets and tappet guides as necessary. We recondition the cam shafts or replace them if necessary. The exterior is polished, painted and detailed like original. All cylinder heads are ready to bolt on when you receive them with the valves adjusted and the cams timed.

*Align-boring, additional surface milling, and performance modifications are an additional cost.

Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
XK 3.4 & 3.8 2-carburetor 2,600.00 600.00
XK 3.4, 3.8 & 4.2 3-carburetor 2,600.00 800.00
4.2 420 & Series 1 & 2 XJ6 2,600.00 500.00
4.2 big valve Series 3 XJ6 2,200.00 600.00
3.4 'C' 3,240.00 2,500.00
V-12 right-hand side 1,240.00 750.00
V-12 left-hand side 1,680.00 1,500.00
Pushrod, Mark 4 & 5 Inquire Customer's core only

Options and Additional Cost Items

Item Price
Big Valve Conversion (Series 3 intake & exhaust in early head) for XK twin cam heads 1978 and earlier. 1,350.00
Align bore cam bearing bores & mill cam cover surfaces 400.00
Surface milling, per surface 95.00
Weld and re-cut water passages and mill head 96.00/hour
Other welding, port work and polishing 96.00/hour

Cam Followers

Cam contact surface is reground. Included in cylinder head rebuilding.

Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
Early DOHC 6-cylinder engines 1948-75 (tall tappets), each 30.00 5.00
Tappets also machined to reduce top thickness Inquire Inquire


Flywheels are resurfaced and provided with new or reconditioned ring gears. Shims are available for V-12 flywheels that have been machined too far.

Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
3.4 250.00 150.00
3.8 300.00 200.00
4.2 280.00 175.00
V-12 310.00 250.00
Flywheel re-balance, add 140.00 N/A

Special Flywheels

We offer a super-light steel flywheel for the XK engines. It comes in at around 16 pounds with dust slots and Swiss-cheese lightning holes. It will run cooler than stock and give a better grip surface for the stock-style clutch because of the dust slots which not only move the clutch dust away but also pump a small amount of cooling air. We also offer an aluminum, steel-faced flywheel for the XJ-40 3.6 and 4.0 engine. Inquire for V-8 engines.

Part Number Application Price
VJW 5808/M Modified XK 16-pound flywheel, Forged steel with lightening holes and dust slots 680.00
EBC 1832/M Aluminum Flywheel for 3.6 & 4.0 XJ-40 680.00

Con Rod Matched Set

We provide a matched set of connecting rods appropriate for your engine. (The connecting rods used in an XK 120 will fit in an XJ6 but they are a lot lighter and weaker than an XJ6 connecting rod and not appropriate.)

Description Rebuilt Price Core Charge
Matched Set, re-machined and match weighted 680.00 20.00 each
Fully machined and polished with ARP bolts & nuts 1,350.00 20.00 each

Oil Pump

Machined to tight tolerances so it will pump more pressure.

Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
3.4, 3.8, 4.2 160.00 30.00
V-12 800.00 100.00

Engine Exterior Lock, Nut and Fastener Kit

All the special lock plates, brass nuts, stainless steel nuts, copper washers, and brass core plugs for the outside of the engine. With instructions.

Part Number Application Price
BS 101 1949-67 3.4 & 3.8 140.00
BS 102 1965-68 4.2 140.00
BS 103 1969-73 4.2 140.00
BS 104 1974-87 4.2 140.00