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Fuel Parts

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Description Rebuilt Price Core Charge
S.U. Carburetor with new throttle shaft, polished and plated as appropriate, each, 1-3/4" H & HD 360.00 100.00
S.U. Carburetor with new throttle shaft, polished and plated as appropriate, each, 2" HD8 500.00 300.00
C.D. Stromberg Carburetor, each 225.00 60.00
Starting carburetor Inquire Inquire

Weber Manifolds

We have developed a manifold to fit DCOE 40mm & 45mm carbs to the 3.4 and the 3.8 early sedan and XK engines. These manifolds were first used by the factory on the C-Types in 1953. They mounted three twin-choke Weber 40mm carburetors to the 3.4 engine in the '53 C-Type and won LeMans that year. Our 3.4 manifold is fabricated from appropriate alloy parts and mounts three 40mm DCOE Weber carburetors. It also incorporates a modified Mark 2 water manifold. The 3.8 item is cast of aluminum alloy in Italy and mounts three 45mm DCOE Weber carburetors. It incorporates the same modified Mark 2 water manifold. We also offer Weber carburetor and intake restoration on other brands besides our own.

Part Number Application Price
VJW 4651/W 3.4 40mm Weber Manifold 780.00
VJW 4652/W 3.8 45mm Weber Manifold 780.00
VJW 1580 Water Manifold for above 450.00
  3 Weber Linkage Kit 280.00

Quad Throttle Bodies for the V-12

We have been building these and installing them on XJ-S since 1988. They noticeably increase throttle crispness at low-to-medium RPM. Along with the two extra throttle bodies per side, we modify the air cleaners, incorporate K&N air filters, and with three-inch snorkels on the air cleaner cover, duct cold air directly to the engine from the front of the car. The complete kit includes intake manifolds, throttle bodies, linkage, air cleaner housings, K&N air filters, cold air duct parts and instructions.

Part Number Application Price
VJW 3681/K Quad Throttle Complete Kit 2,000.00

Fuel Pumps

The S.U. Fuel Pumps are common to many British automobiles. They are used exclusively on Jaguar carbureted automobiles up until the later Series 2 XJ Sedans which have in-tank submersible pumps by AC. The pumps we rebuild are carefully inspected and tested, cleaned and painted, and assembled with as many new parts as are available making the pump as new. The pumps have a one-year replacement warranty. We also offer new pumps. Core charges are refundable upon receipt of a rebuildable pump of the correct type. If you have a different type of core, you will be credited with the appropriate core turned in up to the amount charged.

Part Number Description Application New Price Rebuilt Price Core Charge
AUA 25/B Round brass base Very early pre-war cars 367.00 280.00 150.00
AUA 25 Round pot metal base Postwar cars with pushrod engines 150.00 125.00 75.00
AUA 52 Square base with flat coil cover XK 120, 140, Mark 7 & 8, Mark 1 410.00 225.00 100.00
AUA 152 Square base with stepped coil cover XK 150, Mark 2, Mark 9 425.00 230.00 100.00
AUF 301 Round base with "top hat" pulse cover, positive ground 3.4S, 3.8S, Can replace square base pump AUA 52 or AUA 152 150.00 150.00 30.00
AUF 305 Round base with "top hat" pulse cover, negative ground 4.2 cars through 1974 150.00 150.00 30.00
AUF 406 AUF 411 Duplex pump with two coils V-12 cars with carburetors 352.00 240.00 75.00