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C-Type Replica Progress Update

Posted on 24 May 2012Dash of C-Type Replica built by Vintage Jag Works

We have the dash finished and installed now in our current C-Type Replica with all of the gauges and switches. The airbox is also on the car. The airbox will duct air in through the hood scoop on the bonnet through some ductwork into the airbox. We modified the intake runners for the Weber carburetors so that we could install some K&N filters.

We glued the inner and outer door panels together and mocked up all the body panels on the car so that we could fill and level the body work on the carbon fiber panels. Then we sprayed it in primer, leveled the primer then sprayed it in primer again. Now it has to sit for a few weeks for the bodywork to cure and shrink.

Once the bodywork has cured it will be sanded and leveled again prior to being sprayed in British racing green.

Dash and gauges installed in C-Type replica
Dash is fitted with gauges and switches.
Aluminum hood scoop installed on carbon fiber bonnet
Aluminum scoop in bonnet
Aluminum air box with K&N air filters
Aluminum air box with K&N air filters.
Carbon fiber main body section in primer
Main body section in primer.
Air box with cover installed
Air box with cover installed.
Carbon fiber bonnet in primer
Bonnet in primer.
Bulkhead for fresh air ductwork
Bulkhead for fresh air ductwork.