Rebuilding Services

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We offer rebuilding services for nearly all of the mechanical components on the vintage jaguars (up through 1987).


We replace the bearings, timing chains, pistons, valves, valve springs and other parts as needed. Everything is cleaned, detailed, plated, polished or painted as appropriate. If it needs to be done, we do it. We use the best quality parts available. Our machine work is exacting. We have been rebuilding Jag engines for 50 years. We also offer performance enhancement and updates such as installing a rear main lip seal. We can help you arrange the shipping. For current base prices click here.

We can also help you get more power out of your engine. Call to discuss options and pricing.

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder heads ae milled and the cam bearing bores are align bored as necessary to bring the head back to true. Exhaust valves are replaced with phosphated XJ6 Series 3 valves. The guides are replaced as necessary. Valve springs and cam bearings are replaced. All cylinder heads are ready to bolt on when you receive them. For current base prices click here.


On transmissions we thoroughly clean and re-clearance all the parts and on Moss transmissions we also re-machine the synchros. We replace all worn-out parts and re-seal the gearbox.We also rebuild overdrive units.  Find the current base prices here.

We do rebuild automatic transmissions and torque converters if we are confident that it will be installed by someone who will listen to directions and take the time to make sure everything is adjusted properly. The installation is the most tricky part of the whole job and if it is not done properly, the transmission will not operate properly. You can find the current base prices here.


We take the carburetors completely apart and thoroughly clean the parts. Each part is cleaned, detailed, plated, polished or painted as it was originally. Then they are reassembled. Find the current base prices here.

Steering Gears and Pumps

We completely rebuild the steering gears and pumps for older jaguars. We replace worn parts and repaint the unit. If we rebuild your steering gear and you are using a non-original pump such as the GM Saginaw pump, you also need to send it in for modification. They must be modified because they put out 2 to 3 times as much pressure as the original Jaguar pumps. We test each steering unit for operation before we send it out. For current base prices, click here.

Suspension Units

We rebuild front and rear suspension units from hub-to-hub. All parts are thoroughly cleaned, worn parts are replaced or re-machined as appropriate and everything is painted and detailed. Current base prices can be found here.


Includes ring and pinion, axles or stub axles, bearings, seals and gaskets, properly set up and painted. They are rebuilt using new seals and where necessary bearings, shims and so forth. See current pricing here.

The ratio of a  IRS or live-axle differential can be changed. Call to discuss options and prices.


We rebuild wheel cylinders for drum brakes, brake calipers and brake boosters. Click here to see current prices.

Electrical Parts

We rebuild a variety of electrical parts including alternators, generators, starters, distributors, cooling fan motors, wiper motors, and so on. We also build new ignition wire (spark plug wire) sets. See the current prices here.

Other Items

We rebuild many other components such as heater boxes, water valves, switches, window riser motors, and on and on. If there is no set price listed then we charge by time and materials. Call us to discuss your particular problem and options.


All of our rebuilt products, except electrical, are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year. Electrical items are warranted for a period of 90 days. This warranty is limited to replacement or repair in our facility.