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3.8 E-Type Seat Shells

3.8 XKE Seat Shells 


These seat shells are made of fiberglass in a vacuum-process mold which makes them uniform and strong. They are stronger than the origianl sheet metal shells. They are the correct height for roadsters and are made to replace the original part number C 20820. Original coupe seats are a few inches taller than roadster seats but roadster seats (like these) work just fine in coupes. They carry a one-year warranty.

Part Number Application Price
VJW 2082 3.8 E-Type 695.00/pair

Air Intake Box Assembly

Air Intake Plenum


These air boxes for Series 1 and 2 E-Type are made in our own molds to the highest standards. They come painted in silver-grey paint and are ready to install. Factory part number C 17533.

Part Number Application Price
VJW1753 XKE, Series 1 & 2 195.00

Door Handles

Door handles
Door handles

We make a modification to the original door handle which improves the reliability and ease of operation. The original design has a sliding foot attached to the outside lever. When the lever is raised, the sliding foot presses down on the linkage lever and has to slide along it. As the device ages, the lubricant dries out and grit finds its way in. The handles become difficult to operate and the support leg for the handle pivot breaks rendering the device inoperable. We install a new pivot and a linkage in place of the sliding foot. Sold exchange. We also repair/rebuild all other outside door handles on an individual basis. Inquire.

Part Number Description Application Rebuilt Price Core Charge
BDC 4320/R RH Front 1988-89 XJ6, XJ40 295.00 50.00
BDC 4321/R LH Front 1988-89 XJ6, XJ40 295.00 50.00
BCC 7044/R RH Rear 1988-89 XJ6, XJ40 295.00 50.00
BCC 7045/R LH Rear 1988-89 XJ6, XJ40 295.00 50.00
JLM 2043/R RH Front 1990-94 XJ40 295.00 50.00
JLM 2044/R LH Front 1990-94 XJ40 295.00 50.00
BEC 7706/R RH Rear 1990-94 XJ40 295.00 50.00
BEC 7707/R LH Rear 1990-94 XJ40 295.00 50.00
    All Others Inquire Inquire

Restoration Small Light Bulb Kit

A replacement small bulb for every lamp socket in the car including the dash lights, warning lights, interior lights, and all external lamps (not including overdrive switch on some older cars).

Part Number Application Price
LLB 1106/R XK 120 43.25
LLB 1107/R XK 140 49.75
LLB 1108/R* XK 150 38.15
LLB 1109/R* Mark 7, 8 and 9 49.75
LLB 1110/R* Mark 1 44.95
LLB 1111/R Mark 2 65.75
LLB 1112/R E-Type Series 1 and 1-1/2 56.25
LLB 1113/R E-Type Series 2 and 3 92.25
LLB 1114/R 3.4S, 3.8S, 420, 420G, Mark 10 61.00
LLB 1115/R XJ6 and XJ12 Series 1 78.45
LLB 1116/R XJ6 and XJ12 Series 2 and 3 106.95
LLB 1117/R XJS 111.95
*Does not include overdrive switch on some older cars.

Jack Strap

This small strap is usually missing on Mark 1 and 2 jacks. It holds the square car support piece on the jack to the center threaded shaft to keep it from flopping around while stored in the boot.

Part Number Application Price
C 10792 Mark 1 & 2 15.00

Curved-face Aluminum Bumper Spacer Set

These are the aluminum spacers that go between the bumper face (chrome) and the bumper support irons on these early cars.

Part Number Application Price
BD 9874/K XK 140, 150. Works on some Mark 7, 8, and 9 sedans also. 35.95

Winscreen Washer Bottle Strap

White rubberized fabric strap, like original, to fit oval plastic washer bottles.

Part Number Application Price
11086/S 4.2 cars 1965-71 9.00
11086/SK Cut to fit with instuctions 15.00