C-Type Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a left-hand drive car?

Original C-Types were only built as right-hand drive cars. Because we are trying to make a faithful replica, we have only offered right-hand drive cars. For Americans who are worried that it will be difficult to learn to drive the car from the "wrong side" we recommend talking to your local mail carrier who most likely drives a right-hand drive vehicle.

Why do you use fiberglass bodies instead of aluminum?

We use fiberglass because it is less expensive and more durable than aluminum. Aluminum bodies get dents easily from leaning on them or dropping something on it. Fiberglass can take a bigger hit without denting, and if there is a problem, fiberglass is easier to repair than aluminum. Fiberglass is lightweight so the overall weight of the car is relatively the same. Fiberglass also gives the car a quieter, tighter ride.

I am over 6-foot tall. Will I be able to drive your car?

Original C-Types did not have much leg room and therefore could not easily be driven by really tall people. We have made a few modifications and made more leg room.